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(From REconnect Issue 60)

WE all want to do the best for our children especially in these difficult times with climate change and many other challenges facing us and future generations. Additionally, these days with so many expectations it can feel like there are mounting pressures and tensions for parents which doesn’t make their task any easier.

Connect Parenting is here to help. The Devon based service has been offering invaluable help for parents through their depth coaching and delivery of the internationally renowned 8 week Circle Of Security® programme groups to offer support to parents and caregivers in the everyday challenges and struggles of parenting.

“We offer supportive spaces for parents to find space for themselves and with others for safe reflection. The key for us is sensitivity in parenting relationships, we work with what we as parents teach our children to ‘know in themselves’ through the parenting relationship, so we give attention and support to the parents”, said Audaye of Connect Parenting.

Connect Parenting are now trialling new services – Family & Parent Circle Walks for parents to connect as families and with others in nature.

The coaching led Parent Circle Walks are timed to happen when the kids are at school, to give parents a rare opportunity to find support and reflect with others in nature whilst receiving an introductory or a refresher experience of some principles of the Circle of Security® Parenting programme.

The Family Circle walks are available to whole families and are run by arrangements, this may suit home schooling families.

Walkers are supported with coaching in a supportive and therapeutic manner, enabling them to more deeply touch into the many experiences of parenthood as a gift to enjoy even in difficult times.

Ecotherapy walks for parents and families

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