However amicable, separation is a difficult time for the whole family all of whom can experience¬† the separation in very different ways. It is a time of great change out of which feelings of instability can arise. And it can feel like ’emotional turbulence’ for everyone including the children who will also be experiencing the losses that come with such change.Image result for picture of separated parents with child in middle upset

For a parent in less amicable situations, the additional fear of or actual loss of connection with their children can feel traumatic, devastating and bring forth very powerful emotions for them.

We provide sensitive and supportive  groups and coaching for separated families AND parents seeking to maintain and restore connection with their children in difficult times*.

Improving reflection and empathy in a non judgemental space in these times can help produce deeper understanding and appreciation of how they already do and can improve upon meeting their children’s needs.

We have  awareness and experience of Parental Alienation / Attachment Based Parental Alienation.

* Although we have an understanding of the family justice system we cannot provide legal advice.

Specific PA Training:
Parental alienation: understanding, assessment and intervention
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