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For Parents and Caregivers

The Circle of Security is a relationship based programme designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. Decades of university-based research have confirmed that secure children exhibit:

  • increased empathy,
  • greater self-esteem,
  • better relationships with parents and peers,
  • enhanced school readiness,
  • increased capacity to handle emotions

The programme is intended to support and strengthen secure attachment between parent/caregiver and child. Extra benefits for the parents are experienced from enhanced reflective capacity, which is fundamental in better enabling caregivers to notice their child’s needs and support them in parenting in the moment.

It addresses questions such as:

  • how can I be a safe base and a secure haven for my child?
  • how can I understand and communicate with my child?
  • how can I meet my child’s needs without spoiling him?
  • how can I support my child’s ability to successfully manage his emotions?
  • how do I deal with the difficult aspects of parenting?
  • how do my own early experiences impact on my parenting style?

Additionally, the programme can help to make significant shifts from missing what is hidden in plain sight. Problematic attachment patterns passed from one generation to the next that can compromise healthy relationships throughout a child’s lifespan.

We will work in a small group with the aid of pre-recorded material on a DVD and facilitated group discussion. Support can be offered outside of the group also.

Ok when can I start?

Please contact for booking enquiries, registration and more information.

Further information

We will be adding more details here soon. However, for an introduction to what the programme can offer please see the ( website.


Fees include: Preliminary intake and admin fees, all sessions, handouts, Certificate of Attendance, refreshments & all course materials. Please contact us for more details and to apply.


Do I have to attend every week, can I just choose which I go to?
There is an expectation to commit to the full 8 week programme. Indeed you won’t receive the full benefits of the programme by missing weeks. As such to reinforce the commitment payment needs to be made in advance.

Will I miss out if I miss a session?
There will be times that missing a session is unavoidable. We don’t want you to worry if this happens, so we will do everything we can to support you in catching up.

What will I get at the end of the course?
If you attend the full course we can give you a certificate of attendance, and you will also be able to join an alumni programme for continuing support. Most importantly you will have had experiences throughout the programme that will help support and strengthen your relationship with your child/ children. This will help them in their experiences in the wider world and help you to support them in their lifelong explorations.

Circle of Security for Parents and Caregivers
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