Parenting can feel like a deeply complicated task with no manual, especially at difficult times.

At Connect Parenting we believe that the manual for how to build and improve the relationship with your child is already with you. More about what we think.

Why focus on the relationship?
A secure attachment in our children has long-lasting positive effects on confidence, friendships, close relationships, behaviour, learning and competence, stress management and general happiness. A secure attachment is created in the relationship between parents and children.

Our own experience of being parented affects how we parent, often in ways that we are not aware of. Yet becoming aware of our strengths and struggles as a parent can help us make choices that will support security in the relationship with our children.

Circle of Security Parenting® provides a clear and simple map that crystallises decades of research. It is not about managing child behaviours with behaviour management techniques which are easily forgotten in the heat of the moment.

What we offer
We offer coaching and group-work based on the groundbreaking Circle of Security (COS) to parents & caregivers to help support relationships between parents/caregivers and the children in their care.  Our  trained facilitator of the programme has a background in mental health, coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. We work on-line and in-person.

Childcare, Foster Care & Services
The COS-Parenting (COS-P) programme can also be helpful as a commissioned intervention by services for parents.

Additionally, it can be used as a programme to augment ‘soft/relational-skills’ for those working with children  in a care-giving setting such as childcare and foster care. Known as COS-C (COS in the Classroom) the emphasis  of the training remains on participants’ learning about personal family relationships – as such COS-C is a profound personal development offering to staff that is highly transferable .
Social Services, NHS and Public body commissioners can contact us for more information.