Dan Siegel gives a ‘gripping’ demonstration of the anatomy of the brain in this Ted Talk, Mindfulness and Neural Integration, which is both illuminating and profound. He outlines the role of the pre-frontal cortex in making meaning and forming relationships. This very short introduction gives an explanation of how deepening reflection and relationship works to improve resilience and self regulation of emotions.

The Circle of Security Programme reflects this new understanding.

Dan Siegel gives a ‘gripping’ demonstration of the anatomy of the brain in this Ted Talk, which is both illuminating and profound. He outlines the most crucial part of it for our meaningful lives and civilisation: the prefrontal cortex; and how the keys for developing this part of the brain lie in, as Siegel puts it: reflection, relationships and resilience.

The connection between the practice of reflection our need for relationships and our levels of resilience are hard-wired into our neurology. Providing the conditions for these to take place are crucial for development of the Prefrontal cortex, which develops significantly after birth, and can be stimulated throughout life. Caregivers’ that strengthen their reflective capacities improve their own emotional regulation and resilience, and deepen empathy.

This very basic and short introduction gives a hihgly accessible explanation of how developing focus on reflection, deepening self awareness – openness to our internal emotional worlds – and relationship works at the level of the brain.

This understanding of the interaction between the mind and the brain is inherent in the programme for parents and caregivers that we are offering. The Circle of Security Parenting Programme helps parents and caregivers to integrate these positive qualities, and many others, with a simple map for understanding the needs of their children.

We are very pleased that in Exeter from May 2016 we are running two courses, which are available to general public, in this ground breaking programme.

Daniel Siegel says of the Programme:

“The Circle of Security® is circling the globe as an intervention to help parents raise their children with love, warmth, and emotional intelligence. The four researcher/clinicians who invented this important new and effective program are themselves filled with these positive traits and a huge dose of common sense and devotion to the well-being of others. These innovators have created a readily accessible and engaging approach to helping parents, young and old, to connect with their infants and toddlers in ways that break the old, destructive patterns of parenting that so often have been learned by difficult childhood experiences in the past. Cited from England to India, the Circle of Security® offers new hope for making the hard earned wisdom of attachment research available to clinicians helping parents heal old wounds and building new options for the next generation.”

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. Faculty, Center for Culture, Brain, and Development Associate Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine

This internationally acclaimed programme is available in Exeter in May and booking are being taken right now here.

Mindfulness, Neural integration and The Circle of Security
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